VMA Global Events is an event planning and destination management company with extensive experience coordinating and successfully executing events around the globe.


Conference Management

Routinely lasting several days, sporting multiple tracks, numerous speakers and a slew of attendees, conferences are often called the heavy-weights of the event-planning arena. Just ask anyone who's hosted one, you don't want to get into the ring without the right professionals managing your conference.

We've been training for years and we're at the top of our game. We'll whip your conference into shape in no time. From the initial concept, to returning the final coat to the last attendee, we'll make sure your conference is a knockout.


Thank you and thank you sooo much for all of your help last week. The Franchise Partners say we “knocked this AFM out of the park” and we truly appreciated all of your help.
It was a pleasure working with you :) :).

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Site Search and Selection


Where in the world should you have your next meeting or event? From Baltimore to Brussels, Seattle to Singapore, no matter the destination, we’ll work with you to find the perfect event or meeting venue.

Our involvement doesn’t have to end once the location is found. We’ll negotiate your contracts with an eye on your budget because we want your CEO and your CFO to be thrilled. Using our expertise, your guests will have the best experience while we protect your worst-case scenario.


Recognition and Sales Incentives


How do you say thank you? Recognizing your top producers, employees or sales team is no small task. We’ll design unique and exclusive, one-of-a-kind experiences that make your guests feel appreciated and special. From dinner on the Great Wall of China to Go-cart Tours through Lisbon, we know the people and have the expertise to make it happen. 


Social Events


Just because it's a party, doesn't mean we're not all business.

While social and philanthropic events should be fun, they still need to be organized professionally and with careful attention to detail -- so your guests can have a ball.


Have We Sparked Your Interest?

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